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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When is registration for baseball, softball & teeball?
A - Registration officially opens January 1.  Baseball and softball divisions that have try-outs must be registered by the try-out date usually in early March (check the Events Calendar for specific dates).  Rookies and Teeball registration closes March 31. Check the Registration Info tab for more details.

Q - When will I hear from my child's coach?
A - Once try-outs are completed, player's are assigned teams.  Rookies and Teeball are assigned teams after registration closes.  Coaches will be calling players in the week following the close of each registration period.

Q - When will games begin?
A - Majors and minors usually begin the first full week of April.  Rookies & Teeball begin 2 weeks later.

Q - When is Field Clean-up?
A - Each year this occurs in March.  Please check the Events Calendar for specific dates.

Q - What day is Opening Ceremonies for Medford American Little League?
A - Please check the Events Calendar for specific dates.

Q - What are ALL-STAR's?
A - All-Stars are the tournament teams that compete with teams from all leagues within our district.  The first district tournaments usually begin the last weekend in June.  Players are selected by try-outs held at the conclusion of the regular season.  Dates will be posted on the Events Calendar.

Q - Where are the All-Star Tournaments held?
A - For 2021 Baseball will be held in Klamath Falls.  Please check back later for softball information.

Field Status

Closed Closed

Medford American Little League (07:58 PM | 11/21/20)

Closed Closed

Ashland Little League Fields (07:06 PM | 11/26/20)

Closed Closed

Phoenix-Tallent Little League Fields (07:06 PM | 11/26/20)

Closed Closed

Klamath Falls Little League Fields (07:05 PM | 11/26/20)

Closed Closed

Central Point Little League (07:05 PM | 11/26/20)

Closed Closed

Rogue River Little League (07:09 PM | 11/26/20)